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This article is dedicated for the students who are studying to clear the SSB written test. Here I am going to describe how a question paper is decided . How the sample paper of SSB will help you in your preparation. Before going for any competition , you need to gather all the information that is related to the exam.

A competition is not one person, there are lac of students who are trying to get the selection. So in the case to keep one pace higher than all of them, your preparation must be better than others. For the same reason, we have written  this article so that some of the sample paper can be given to you guys. If you will read & solve these sample papers of SSB, then you will be able to get a practical for the exam. The nature of questions & the duration given for it will be provided to you after you solve these sample paper.

Download SSB Question Paper PDF 2017

SSB is the selection board for candidates who think for the selection in Indian Army. The Ministry of defence regulates the working of SSB. The total number of SSB in India are 15. These are located in every zone in India. if you apply for SSB, then the location of your test can be from anywhere.

A candidate can go for SSB any number of times. Ministry of defence has planed such strategy for candidates so as to encourage them for the officer Entry In the Armed forces. The candidates who does not get the selection do not need to disappointed. He or she can go again for SSB & improve his mistakes. His previously done mistakes will be helpful for his next SSB. So the first rule for SSB is to be enough confident against all the obstacles that comes in your path.

SSB Sample Paper 2017

SSB Sample Paper 2017

SSB is an organisation that was setup by Defence Ministry. The authority is formed to check the potential of a candidate who comes in hope for selection in SSB. The SSB conducts various test on the candidates to check his  intelligence, personality, compatibility, and potential. You can say more stress is given to the mental exams rather physical.

The selection officers in SSB check all the qualities to be an officer in Indian Army. The main tests are to check the level of confidence & ability to take decisions in the various real life situations.

The obstacles that are in the tests are more mental than physical. They mainly works on your psychological & personal assessment of the candidates. For these tests you can buy some boosk from the stall or online store. But reading the book is not just enough for a candidate to get selected. There is lot of hard work you need to put in the preparation. For the same purpose we will provide you some details that will help you to improve yourself in the SSB exam.

How to apply for Indian Army SSB

  1. Open the official website of Indian Army i.e.
  2. Now click on the Officer selection tab.
  3. You see a menu contains SSB entry for officers.
  4. click on it & you will see three link i.e. Instructions for Applying Online , Register & Apply Online.
  5. Click on register link.
  6. Now you will directed to a new form.
  7. Fill all the details in the form & submit the details.
  8. After the registration is done, confirmation link will be send to you E-mail Id.
  9. After this is done. Fill the Application by clicking on Apply Online link.
  10. Fill the educational & other academic details in the form & Submit the from.
  11. Take one print out for sending the acknowledgement to the address given.
  12. Put the registration slip safely with you.

SSB Previous year Paper PDF

Selection in SSB is still a dream of so many students. As students get their degree complete or in the appearing year, they start filling their SSB application form. The candidates must first knows & improve their abilities before just going to SSB. There must be some practice & analysis of SSB election procedure.

There are so many students who think that preparing themselves is enough for the SSB. That is a matter of courage for anyone who is enough confident of clearing the SSB on its own. Here We are going to provide you some mock tests that will be helpful for such guys. You can download them from the given links.

These mock tests are prepared for SSB written test & psychology test & intelligence. After you will practice them on a regular basis, you will get more ideas for the problem solving. It will also improve your confidence & accuracy for the exam & improve your time management skills . Time management is one of the important skill that we need in any exam.

The main subjects that needs more focus & preparation are

  1. Screening test
  2. Intelligence test.
  3. Verbal Analogy
  4. Non Verbal Analogy Questions.
  5. Word Association test.
  6. Theme Appreciation test (Picture to Story).
  7. Situation Reaction test (Personality test)
  8. GTO, Group Planning & Single handed tasks.
  9. Tips for Interview.
  10. Tips for Form Filling.
  11. The last stage that involves appearance in front of Selection panel.

Basically there are two main stages in SSB. i.e.

  1. Stage I
  2. Stage II

Stage I : Stage one comprises of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR)  & PPDP test. After these two tests are complete , then the candidates are selected or rejected for the next round. The results for the stage One is announce on the same day within two hours.

Stage II :- The Stage II is a four to five days test that comprises of various tests. The whole procedure is regulated by the SSb officials. There could be some variations in the various psychological tests.

So anybody who gets selected needs to clear all the stages that are made in the Interview & gets the posts with the efforts made in the SSB centres.

There are so many tests that are conducted in SSB are called as psychological tests or GTO tests.

  • OIR Tests.
  • Picture Perception & description tests. (PPDT)
  • Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ)
  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Association test
  • Situation reaction test.
  • Self Description test.
  • Personal Interview (PI)
  • PABT (Pilot battery Aptitude Test)
  • Conference

Group testing Officer

  1. Group Discussion test.
  2. Military Planning Exercise
  3. Lecturrettes
  4. Progressive Group Tasks
  5. Inter group Snake Test
  6. Half group task
  7. Command task
  8. Obstacles for Individuals
  9. Full & Final group Task

Download SSB Practice Paper

The total marks for the selection process in SSB are 200 marks.  Here is the description of all the marks that is distributed among all the stages.

 S.noSelection Round Marks Allotted
1 Career 75
2 Written Test 100
3 Viva-Voice 25
4 Total Marks 200

Here are links of some sample practice paper for the preparation of the candidates in SSB exams.

  1. SSB Practice Paper I
  2. SSB Practice Paper II
  3. SSB Practice Paper III

Now you can download these practice paper & study the papers. Solve the exam papers one by one after one is complete. Analyse your performance in every paper.

Tips to Prepare for SSB Exam

  • Plan your journey such that you reach the centre one day before the Exam. You will be received by the officials from SSB & take you the centre.
  • After you reach the centre you will be told all the details for your tests.
  • Be confident in your personality. Just believe in you & improve you positive side. Start analysing your skills & use them to compete with others.
  • During the GD round do not make irrelevant eye contact with the commissioned officer during or after you speaking.
  • Do not argue in GD, allow the next person to speak if you are strong speaker than him.
  • Mark some important points in your note & use them while discussion.
  • Try to be active in the GD session so that the officials watch you more than others.
  • Improve your perception during you stay in the center. While your psychological strengths are analyzed by the officials.
  • Keep your self physically fit during the SSB interview. Through there is less physical tests but still there are enough to check your physical activities & habits.

Service Selection Board Sample Paper PDF

The information written above is summarised here below. Please have a look

  • Name of the Organisation: Services Selection Board
  • Name of the Post: Officer Rank in Armed forces
  • Category: Sample Paper
  • Job Location: Anywhere in India
  • Official Site:

Now we end the article with a small note for you. If you like the information & felt the usefulness then please write a comment in the comment section. After you are done , you can provide some feedback for more information. You can also subscribe us so that you will be able to get all the updates in your mailbox daily. Thank you.

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