NIOS Senior Secondary Previous Year Question Papers solved for 12th – Open Schooling Twelth Sample Paper All Subject

Here we are going to provide you the details of NIOS senior secondary question paper for Exam. The students must be finding them on Internet. The official website of NIOS is The question paper will help you improving & analysing your preparation.

All the question paper will be provided in the PDF format. if you are a NIOS 12th students then then you should download them for it. There are various study material for you. if you are studying for the exam then there is some time for the exam. In the time remaining you can easily do this questions from the documents. There are various students who have seen the paper should be checking the details of their exam.

NIOS 12th Previous Year Question Paper

NIOS is the educational board under central government that works under Union Government of India. NIOS was formed in the year 1989 by  Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India. It was formed with the mission to provide education to the students living in the remote areas where students are not able to go to regular classes. The NIOS provides the concept of flexible education for the students.

Open Schooling Twelth Sample Paper

Open Schooling Twelth Sample Paper

NIOS is a National board that conducts exam for 10th & 12th standard in all over the country. There are various educational training course after 10th class for the students. During the period of 2004 to 2009 1.5 million students were registered in the board for exams. There are international collaboration with NIOS like  Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and UNESCO. The study centre of NIOS are situated in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Nepal, Canada, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States of America.

Open Schooling Twelth Sample Paper

There are various courses offered by NIOS i.e.

  1. Open Basic Education Programme, which includes following three levels courses
    • OBE ‘A’ Level course—Equivalent to class III
    • OBE ‘B’ Level course—Equivalent to class V
    • OBE ‘C’ Level course—Equivalent to class VIII
  2. Secondary Course—Equivalent to class X
  3. Senior Secondary Course—Equivalent to class XII
  4. Vocational Education Courses
  5. Life enrichment programmes

NIOS conducts the examination for 10th & 12 classes twice in a year. These exam are conducted in the month of April to May and October to November. The dates are  fixed by the NIOS & varies every year. The results of the exams are announced after six weeks of exam. There are total 13 regional centres of NIOS in India. These centres are located in every zone of the country.

This post is dedicated for those students who are appearing in the 12th class NIOS 2017 exam. There are so many students who are registered in the exam this year. You may be studying through the text books but the need of question papers is also there. So after you finished the syllabus you can download the PDF format of question paper & take some print out for you. After the print out is done. You can read the questions & solve them one after another.

NIOS Question paper for class 12 2016

The question paper of NIOS contains all the questions that were asked in the previous sessions of NIOS 12th. SO if you are going to practice them then there will be benefit to you only.

Advantage of Solving Question Paper

  • The pattern of paper will be familiar to all the students who are going for the exam.
  • As you will start solving the questions you will know the level & standard of questions that you will be getting in the exam.
  • As the question paper will be solved by you , you will get a familiarity in the exam ,as the question paper will provide you the allotment of marks in every question.

The question paper we are providing you are given in the links where you can download by clicking them. All the question paper are available in the PDF format. The candidates are advised to download the sample paper as per their subjects. There are so many subjects that are useful in your preparation. All the question paper of concerned subjects are given here. So download them one by one & start practice.

The subjects of NIOS 12th Exam are

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Maths
  4. Computer Science
  5. Biology
  6. Accountancy
  7. Political Science
  8. Home Science
  9. Word Processing
  10. Sociology
  11. Mass Communication
  12. Environmental Science
  13. Geography
  14. History
  15. Business Studies
  16. Social Science
  17. Psychology
  18. Painting
  19. Economics

There are some regional subjects in the NIOS exam. All of them are listed here below.

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sankrit
  • Urdu
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
  • Punjabi
  • Kannada
  • Gujrati
  • Telugu

All the exam paper are distributed free of cost for all the students who are trying to download them from anywhere else. The links are written in the next part. Right click on the link & select save link as in the device.

NIOS Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

  1. NIOS 12th Economics Question paper
  2. NIOS 12th Painting Question paper
  3. NIOS 12th Psychology Question paper
  4. NIOS 12th Social Science Question paper
  5. NIOS 12th Business Studies Question paper
  6. NIOS 12th History Question paper
  7. NIOS 12th Mass Geography Question paper
  8. NIOS 12th Mass Environmental Science Question paper
  9. NIOS 12th Mass Communication Question paper
  10. NIOS 12th Sociology Question paper
  11. NIOS 12th Word Processing Question paper
  12. NIOS 12th Home Science Question paper
  13. NIOS 12th Political Science Question paper
  14. NIOS 12th Biology Question paper
  15. NIOS 12th Computer Science Question paper
  16. NIOS 12th Maths Question paper
  17. NIOS 12th Chemistry Question paper
  18. NIOS 12th Physics Question Paper 
  19. Commerce (Business Studies) Question Paper
  20. Accountancy Question Paper
  21. Home science Question Paper
  22. Word Processing (Ms-Word) Question Paper
  23. Psychology Question Paper
  24. Computer Science Question Paper
  25. Science & Technology Question Paper
  26. Social science Question Paper

These are total of 26 question paper for different subjects. if you think you opted for any of these subjects then you can easily download them & start your study. The questions paper are PDF format. You can start the preparation of your exam with them.

Tips to Study in NIOS 12th Exam

  1. There are some methods & tips that you should use to score better in the exam.
  2. First of all you should read all the text books that you need to study for gaining knowledge.
  3. After the text books are complete , you need to study some alternate books for more knowledge.
  4. After abundant knowledge on a subject is taken by a person, you can start doing some question paper.
  5. Download some question paper from the links given above. Take some print out.
  6. Practice the question paper in the given time limit of question paper.
  7. After the question paper is finished , you should check the details of questions that you did.
  8. Calculate the marks that you scored after the question paper.
  9. Now you can check the number of questions that are not attempted, wrong & correct.
  10. This will provide you an idea about the topics that are not sufficient for exam.
  11. Now start studying the unprepared topics.

NIOS Sample Paper 2017 Subject Wise

You can read the details from here before you check out.

  • Name of the Organisation:  National Institute of Open Schooling
  • Name of the Exam :  12th Open Exams
  • Category: Previous Year Question Paper
  • Exam Location: Anywhere in India
  • Official Site :

This comes the end of this post. All the information was put inside the post to make you aware of. If you have any question or any suggestion then you should be writing it in the comment. You feedback & suggestions are welcome. You can also subscribe us so that you will be able to get all the updates in your mailbox daily. Thank you.

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