NDA Previous Year Question Papers With Solution – NA Last 10 Year Solved Paper

The aspirants who are trying to find the sample paper of NDA exam 2017 can download this from our portal. The official website of NDA is www.upsc.gov.in. As NDA is conducted by UPSC, so all the official notification are updated on the website of UPSC.

As you the exam for NDA 2017 is not easy. There are so many hurdles that you need to remove before you will get the job. Here we have come to provide you some sample paper to you. If you are trying to find out the sample paper then you can download form her. The links are provided in the post.

How to Prepare for NDA NA Exam

NDA Last Years Exam Question Papers PDF Free Download

NDA is one of the toughest exam that is conducted by UPSC. the number of candidates who try for the exam is not less. The candidates who are serious for the exam starts their reparation from previous year. If you are one of those who is trying to get the sample paper & previous year paper of NDA exam.

NDA Sample Paper Maths

NDA Sample Paper Maths

NDa stands for National Defence Academy. It is the joint institution for all the three Armed Forces i.e.  the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. The cadets of all three forces are send to the academy for the first phase of training. After the pre-commissioned training is complete . they are send for the next training in the respective fields.

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The alumni of NDA has served so many leaders to the Indian Armed forces. The three present generals of Indian Air forces are from NDA.

NDA is situated in Pune district of Maharashtra. The area of academy is near a lake. The area is selected for the academy intentionally at the time of construction. The habitat of lake is perfect for training of cadets. The obstacle is created near the lake & the candidates are send for the obstacle training in the academy.

The selection is done by written test. After the written test is qualified you will be send for SSB. After the candidates clear the SSB test, they are called for the training in the respective academy. You will be selected for Indian Army / Indian Navy or Indian Air force. If you are going for the exam then you need to study all the topics in the best way you can. For this you have to study the topics from the text books as well as from sample paper. There are so many practice paper available for you. if you are trying to download the sample paper form anywhere else then you can. We have the biggest variety of sample paper for you. You can download it after you click on the link. the documents are available in PDF format. All the document can seen on phone or PC.

This small introduction is enough for you. Now if you are serious for the exam then you can download the study material or buy them from a book stall. Before you will buy the books please have a deep analysis of the syllabus & the topics you need to cover. There are so many topics that need to cover in the exam.

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NDA Solved Papers for Practice of Last 10 Years PDF

As you are studying or NDA 2017, we can have quick look on NDA syllabus. All the syllabus is based on the subjects that you studied in 10th, 11th & 12th calls in school.

There are two papers in the written test i.e. Paper I & Paper II

  • Paper I :- Paper I is based on mathematics. The duration for the exam is 2.5 hours. The maximum marks for paper I is 300.
  • Paper II :- Paper II is for General Ability Test & English. The duration of exam is 2.5 hours. The maximum marks for Paper II is 300.

NDA Mathematics Syllabus

Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry of two and three dimensions, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus and Differential equations, Vector Algebra
Statistics and Probability.

NDA General Ability Syllabus

Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, Freedom Movement, Geography, Current Events

NDA  English Syllabus

Grammar and usage, vocabulary, comprehension and cohesion in extended text to test the candidate’s proficiency in English.

Tips to study in NDA Preparation 2017

  • The topics in the NDA syllabus are so many, you need tie & practice to get the command over it.
  • For Maths & General Ability , you need to study the topics in 10th, 11th & 12th.
  • Paper II has two parts i.e. General Ability & English.
  • There are so many sub topics in General Ability that you need special attention for this paper.
  • The second section i.e. English where you need to study the correct usage of sentences & error detection. The concepts of English are quite confusing, you can go to coaching institute to learn the usage.

NDA Maths Sample Papers for Officers Exam

Here are the links that you need to click on. After this you can download the sample paper from here.

  1. Sample Paper 1
  2. Sample Paper 2
  3. Sample Paper 3
  4. Sample Paper
  5. Sample Paper 5
  6. Sample Paper 6
  7. Sample Paper 7
  8. Sample Paper 8
  9. Sample Paper 9
  10. Sample Paper 10
  11. Sample Paper 11
  12. Sample Paper 12
  13. Sample Paper 13
  14. Sample Paper 14
  15. Sample Paper 15

Tips to appear in SSB

  • SSB is a test that is conducted for 4 to 5 days.
  • SSB starts chronologically in the order given. Day of Reporting, Screening Tests, Psychology Tests, GTO Tasks & Conference.
  • The leadership qualities & handling emergency situations are the main qualities that are tested in a candidates. Picture perception is one of them.
  • All the tests are conducted on a theory called Trait Theory. This theory is explained in the above part of this post.
  • You should read about the theory & work accordingly so that you can understand the test criteria.
  • You can join some coaching institute where you will be told the approach that you should follow for a SSB.

How to use NDA Sample Paper 2017

  1. After your preparation has come to a certain level, you can start sample papers.
  2. After you take a print out of a sample paper, you can start it like you you solve a question paper in exam hall.
  3. The allotment of marks & questions importance will be known to you.
  4. The duration of test will provide you how you should be writing the exam.
  5. The speed tricks in Maths will provide you the Time management skills.
  6. There are various rules in English., you would know how you should be using them in the actual test.
  7. You will know how much question & topics are prepared well & how many are left.
  8. You can also know about the topics that need special attention.
  9. After the question paper is done. you must check the number of questions that are done correctly.

NDA Question Paper 2016

  • Name of the Organisation: National Defence Academy
  • Name of the Post : Officer in Indian Armed forces
  • Category: Sample Paper
  • Job Location: Anywhere in India
  • Official Site:  www.upsc.gov.in

If you like the information then please write a comment or feedback for us. There are various sample available for NDA preparation, the one you like can be downloaded or purchased from the links given. If you have any doubt our expert team will help you via comments. Subscribe for our daily updates in the right upper corner from here. Thank You.

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