SSB Eligibility Criteria 2017 – Eligibility for SSB in Indian Army

SSB is one of the most favourite entry in Indian Army as an officer. The candidates who try to select in Indian Army as officer often goes for SSB. The SSB centres are located in the every zone of India. Here I am going to tell you about the eligibility criteria of SSB. The minimum educational qualification & the other details that you need to appear in SSB. The information can be fetched from the official website of

We have written some more article that are helpful for all the SSB aspirants. You can read them before you read this post. The are various others article for Indian Army & Indian Navy. Many of us may be interested in them. The link will be provided between the para of this article.

Check Eligibility for SSB in Indian Army

SSB is a very nice & clever way to enter in Indian Army as an officer. if you think you are enough eligible for it then you can apply for it. The candidates are judged for many qualities like intelligence, personality, compatibility, and potential. The focus is more on Mental abilities then the physical abilities but still the physique of the person must be good enough.

SSB Eligibility Criteria 2017

SSB Eligibility Criteria 2017

One of the most important eligibility of a person is to be unmarried. There are some other details. We will write all these before we talk about SSB a little.

About SSB

SSB stands for Service Selection board. It works under Ministry of Defence. SSB is the testing centres where candidates come & qualify the various tests conduct for 4-5 days. The screening passed by candidates are posted in the Indian Armed forces like Indian Army , Indian navy or Indian Air force.

These SSB centres are specialised for the tests. These centres are conducted in the various tests. The total number of SSB centres are 15. These centres takes 5-6 days to analyse the candidates & finally give their decision on the selection of a candidate.

As I told you earlier in this posts the tests are prepared to check the mental ability of a candidates. The tests are conducted in two parts i.e. Stage I & Stage II.  The tests helps the selection authority to decide whether a candidates has the qualities of becoming an officer or not. The officer like qualities (OLQ). These qualities are Effective Intelligence, sense of responsibility, initiative, judgement (under stress), ability to reason and organise, communication skills, determination, courage, self-confidence, speed in decision-making, willingness to serve the country with Loyalty. The tests are not very hard or requires a high level of intelligence.

These tests are very simple but they needs to have rational thinking to solve a problem. Most of the tests are based on the methods used in World war I. Well not all but some of them are used still, many of them are changed or modified to cop up with the changed times.  The methods of selection is one of the toughest selection procedures of the world.

Army SSB Eligibility Criteria 2017

The basic requirement for a SSB candidate is to be unmarried. The unmarried candidates who clear the CDS exam are shortlisted for SSB Interview.

The age criteria for male & females are quite different.

  1. Male :- The candidate’s date of birth must be between 2nd January 1991 &1st January 1996.
  2. Female :- The date of birth for a female candidate must be 2nd January 1990 & 1st January 1996. She must be unmarried or issue less widow.

Minimum Qualification:- The minimum qualification for a candidate us written for the various Armed forces.

  • Naval Academy :- A candidate must be Graduate in engineering for the selection in naval academy.
  • Air Force Academy : A candidate must have done B.Sc with Physics & maths or / B.E from a recognised university with minimum 50% of marks.
  • Indian Military Academy and Officers Training Academy :- For both the academy , a candidate must be graduate from a recognised university.

After the candidates are shortlisted for the SSB Interview. The famous 5 days test starts for you. The call letter for the candidates will be send by the postal services. After you receive the call letter pan your journey accordingly. You will be received by an official on the railway station.

You should be looking decent in your appearance & behaviour when you met them first time. The test begins on the railway station where the first impression is tagged on you. Always remember ” first Impression is the last”.

There are four main categories of tests. these are

  1. Screening Test
  2. Psychological Test
  3. Group Testing Officers ( GTO ) Test
  4. Interview

Screening Test :- Screening test includes three parts in it. i.e. Intelligence Test, Picture Perception and Description Test, Discussion of the Picture.

  • Intelligence Test :- This contains verbal & non-verbal exam.
  • Picture Perception :- A picture will be shown to all the candidate for the duration of 30 seconds. basically a candidate needs to note down seven points for it. These seven points can be like number of characters, age, sex, mood, action relating to past, present and future for each character in one minute.
  • Discussion of picture  :- Now candidates will be divided into multiple groups. The strength of a group is about 15 members. Each candidate will be asked to tell his story about the picture shown earlier.  Now in the second part of this , candidate will discuss their own individual thoughts to built a common consensus.  After a small discussions among the groups there will be some conclusion drawn after this. The testing stage is over & the candidates will be decided for the next stage. The candidates selected will be send for the next round & other candidates will be send to home.

After the test is over , the results are declared in one hour. The selected candidates will stay in centre for the next four days & the other candidates will be send to home by the officials.

Psychological Test :- This happens on the day two. The test is divided into four parts i.e. Thematic Perception Test, Word Association Test, Situation Reaction Test, Self Description Test.

  1. Thematic Perception Test :-  Here candidates will be shown 12 pictures one by one for 30 seconds each. One picture among them will be blank picture. After the slide show is over , you will be given four minutes to write some story sequence for it. The blank picture has to be included with some of your own imagination.
  2. Word Association Test : A series of 60 words will be shown to very candidates for 20 seconds each. They have to write the first thought they have after seeing it.
  3. Situation Reaction Test : A booklet will be provided to the candidates which shows the questions related to routine life questions. A candidate has to write their reactions, thoughts & what they feel after they encounter such situations.
  4. Self Description Test :- A sequence of five paragraphs needs to be written on topics like parents, guardian, friends, teachers or superiors.

Group Testing Officers Test :- This stage is for two days. The tests conducted on first day are

Day Three

  • Group Discussion :- Two topics for GD will be taken from social issues & current issues. This is an informal discussion for candidates. There is no need to draw any conclusion for it.
  • Group Planning Exercise :- It is also known as Military planning exercise.
  • Progressive Group Tasks:- The set of four or five obstacles with increasing difficulties will be given to cross in 40 to 50 minutes of duration.
  • Group Obstacles Race :- Obstacles & task will be allotted to groups to perform better in a snake like path carrying load.
  • Half Group Tasks :- If there is a similarity found in tasks of two groups then your group will be divided in to sub-groups tp perform one by one & won’t let them see.
  • Lecturette :- Here a candidate need to speak on a topic individually but can take some help before he starts from his group.

Day Four

  1. Individual Obstacles
  2. Command Task
  3. Final Group Task

Interview : Interviews are conducted in any days from day two to day four. The interviews are conducted in the Afternoon or evening hours. Interview officer conducts all the interview personally & individually.

Board Meeting :- The candidates need to appear among the panel. The panel comprises of President, Dy President, all the psychologists, all the GTO’s and Technical Officer.

After the meeting is over, the final results will be declared in half an hour. The candidates who will be selected will be needs to stay for 3-5 days more for the medical examination. The medical examination is conducted in a military hospitals or some other place.

Other candidates will be dropped to the railway stations for return journey.

SSB Minimum Qualification 2017

The summary for all the article is written here with small information.

  • Name of the Organisation: Services Selection Board
  • Name of the Post: Officer in Armed forces
  • Category : Recruitment
  • Job Location: Anywhere in India
  • Official Site:

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