Indian Railway Salary Package, Total Income Table, Incentives Chart for Group A, B, C

“As we all know about the Railway Department of India, it has so many large branches in all over India as well as one of the largest railway networks in the world. Around 1.3 million employers are employed in this department. This article talks about the salary of employees oeuvre in Indian railway.”

Indian Railway Salary Package / Scale List

First I want to Ask you all that have you applied for jobs in the Indian Railway department or Have some queries like what is the Indian railways salary package.So, you are in the rght place,we have lots of information regarding to this question.Read the whole article then you get complete information relevant to this topic especially about the group wise salary structure D, C, B, A Packages after 7th Pay Commission on this page. Nowadays Indian Railway is the huge silted up working sectors for the job seekers who know that it is most preferred largest oeuvre department in India.

How To Get In The Indian Railways

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has tones of opportunities to getting a job in the railways working sectors as well as it brings a lot of recruitment every year and for this concern, we let you know about this.Indian Railways is the largest railway network in Asia and the world’s second largest single entity employer. With over 1.3 million employees, the Railways is the largest public utility and commercial service in the country. This web section provides detailed information on Indian Railways salaries and allowances, especially after pay revision in line with recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.

Here we have some info about the Four Group’s Scale, Pay Band ,Grade Pay & Entry Level Grade Pay in below:

Indian Railway Salary Structure 2017

GroupScalePay BandGrade PayEntry Level Grade Pay

Indian Railway Total Salary after 7th Pay Commission

  • After publish of 7th pay commission the pay scale and grade pay of various positions has increased. As per the railway boards and 7th CPC, there will be increment of at least 2.5 times and maximum 3 times in Indian Railway employees’ salary.
  • Employees who were working under Pay Band 1 and getting salary of Rs. 5200/- at this time will get salary of minimum Rs. 13000/-.
  • The highest pay band of Indian Railway is raised upto Rs. 1, 12,000/- with the grade pay of Rs. 30, 000/- that is Pay Band 4.
  • There will be change in pay band 2 as those who were drawing salary in Pay Scale of Rs. 9300/- to Rs. 34, 800/- will be increased to Rs. 23, 250/- to Rs. 87, 000/-.
PostPresent Scale


Revised Pay Band & Grade Pay
Name of Pay BandCorresponding Pay Bands
Grade Pay (Rs.)
Commercial Department
Commercial Clerks :
Commercial Superintendent6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Sr. Commercial Clerk4000-6000PB-15200-202002800
Ticket Check Staff :
Chief Ticket Inspector6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Enquiry cum Reservation Clerk :
Chief Enquiry & Reservation Supervisor6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Commercial Inspectors :
Comml. Inspector Grade-II (Marketing/Claims/Rates/R & D)6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Law Assistants:
Law Assistant6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Publicity Inspectors :
Chief Publicity Inspector6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Catering Inspectors :
Chief Catering Inspector6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Transit Clerks [Western Railway only]
Sr. Transit Clerk4000-6000PB-15200-202002800
Traffic Transportation Department
Station Masters :
Dy. Station Superintendent6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Controllers  :
Dy. Chief Controller6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Wagon Movement Inspector:
Wagon Movement Inspector6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Running Staff
Loco Running  :
Loco Pilot (Mail)6000-9800PB-29300-348004200
Loco Pilot (Passenger) Gr. I/ Sr. Motorman6000-9800PB-29300-348004200
Loco Pilot (Passenger) Gr. II/  Motorman5500-9000
Loco Pilot (Goods) Gr. I5500-9000PB-29300-348004200
Loco Pilot (Goods) Gr. II5000-8000
Loco Pilot (Shunting) Gr. I5000-8000PB-29300-348004200
Traffic Running:
Mail Guard5500-9000PB-29300-348004200
Sr. Passenger Guard5500-9000PB-29300-348004200
Passenger Guard5000-8000
Civil Engineering Department
Technical Supervisors:
Section Engineer6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Drawing / Design Staff:
Mechanical Engineering Department
Technical Supervisors:
Section Engineer6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Drawing / Design Staff:
Loco Inspectors:
Loco Inspector6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Loco Maintenance:
Section Engineer (Loco)6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Chemical & Metallurgical Staff:
Chemical & Metallurgical Superintendent Gr. II6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Electrical Engineering Department
Technical Supervisors:
Section Engineer6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Drawing / Design Staff:
Loco Inspectors:
Loco Inspector6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Loco Maintenance:
i) Section Engineer (Loco)6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Signal & Telecommunication Engineering Department
Technical Supervisors:
Section Engineer6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Drawing / Design Staff:
Stores Department
Technical Supervisors:
Section Engineer(Printing)6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Depot Material Superintendent:
Depot Material Supdt. Gr. I6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Shipping Inspector6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Medical Department
Lab Staff:
Lab Supdt. Gr. I6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Sr. Dietician6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Nursing Staff:
Chief Matron*7450-11500PB-315600-391005400
Nursing Sister *5500-9000PB-29300-348004800
Staff Nurse *5000-8000PB-29300-348004600
Ministerial Staff (other than Accounts Department):
Office Supdt. – I6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Primary School Teacher :
Selection Grade6500-10500PB-29300-348004800
Senior Grade5500-9000PB-29300-348004600
Basic Grade4500-7000PB-29300-348004200
Trained Graduate Teacher:
Selection Grade7500-12000PB-29300-348005400
Senior Grade6500-10500PB-29300-348004800
Basic Grade5500-9000PB-29300-348004600
Post Graduate Teacher :
Selection Grade8000-13500PB-315600-391006600
Senior Grade7500-12000PB-315600-391005400
Basic Grade6500-10500PB-29300-348004800
Statistical Inspectors6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
EDP Centre
Data processing Staff:
Data processing Supdt.6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Zonal  Railway (WORKSHOPS)/Pus
Time Keeping Staff: (separate cadre on ER,SER & DMW only)
Superintendent (Time keeping)6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Head Constable3200-4900PB-I5200-202002400
Assistant Sub- Inspector4000-6000PB-I5200-202002800
Categories specific to RDSO
Section Research Engineer6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Section Engineer (Design)6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Section Engineer (Mech. etc)6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
M&C Directorate:
Chemical & Metallurgical Supervisor Gr. II (Research)6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Psycho Technical Cell
Scientific Supervisor Gr. II6500-10500PB-29300-348004600
Sr. Section Officer7540-11500PB-29300-348004800
Section Officer6500-10500




Staff & Welfare Inspector:
Staff & Welfare Inspector6500-10500PB-29300-348004600

Indian Railway offers some allowances for employees

  • Daily Allowance, Mileage Allowance beyond 8 km
  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Transport Allowance (TPA)
  • Allowance for Night Duty
  • Compensation in lieu of Holidays
  • Fixed Conveyance Allowance
  • Conveyance Allowance to Doctors
  • Special Compensatory (Tribal/Scheduled Area) Allowances.
  • Special Allowance to Railway School Teachers
  • Special Allowance for child care, women with disabilities and Educational Allowance
  • Overtime Allowance (OTA)

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Indian Railway Salary Calculator:

  • Indian Railway offers salary to the employees under the basic rules that is total salary of the each employee is the summation of the basic pay and Grade pay.
  • Then there comes the DA which is 80% of the basic pay scale. (Basic Pay x 80% = DA)
  • Then it is House Rent Allowance which is minimum 10% and maximum 30% depending on the locations. (Basic pay x 10% = HRA)
  • Then the fixed transport allowance is being added to the basic pay + DA + HRA.
  • Total Salary: Pay + GP + DA + HRA +TA.

We hope the this topic about The Indian Salary Package provided above will be helpful to you. Stay Tuned with our channels if you want some other info about The Indian Railways Salary Package.

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