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Latest IAF SyllabusIndian Air Force Written Test Syllabus 2017 & Examination Pattern (AFCAT Syllabus) and things to keep in mind while preparing Important Facts available at

IAF Syllabus Download | Indian Air Force Exam Syllabus 2017

Indian Air Force Written Test Syllabus 2017 : Guys if you ever had a dream to join the Indian Air Force then your wishes come true because the Indian Air Force had issued a recruitment notification for the various post in the department we are here providing you the complete step of the certain thing which you should need to know while you are preparing to join the Indian Air Force and the syllabus of the various post for the written exam. Indian Air Force offers you the handsome salary and lots of incentives and various other offers and benefits which had always attracted the people to join this field of defense sector. Indian Air Force is an Indian Air defense branch of the country which provides protection on the international air border and to handle the air strike during the air conflict during the war. One must say that the uniform, discipline and the coordination is very important thing which a candidate must possess to join Indian Air Force. The physical strength which a candidate need is very important part of any defense sector. The training is the very important part of the candidates life those who are preparing for this and it is tough but it also make the candidates to handle all the situations whether it is situation or any other and a candidates need to pass through it in order to join this respected department of the Indian Defense he must be prepared for all these things.

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New AFCAT Exam Syllabus for Indian Air Force Jobs

Indian Air Force is always known for providing some of the toughest exam for the selection because the department don’t only need a candidates who is fit physically for the post but who is also fit from the mental condition and is able to handle all the situation. For this thy need to check has verbal skills, Mathematical, and other various stuffs. We are here providing yo the detail knowledge about the syllabus and what are the various thing which you need to keep in mind during your preparation of the exam.


If you are preparing for the the English then you must prepare for

Detecting Mis-spelt words,Fill in the blanks, Synonyms/ Homonyms, One word substitutions, Spellings, Spot the error, Idioms and phrases, Shuffling of Sentences in a passage, Improvement, Shuffling of sentence parts, Antonyms, Cloze passage, Comprehension passage, Agreement of subject with verb, Pattern of verb and their use, Sequence of tenses, Transformation of sequences-Compound, Complex, Simple, Negative, Affirmative, Correct usage of articles, Correct usage of Prepositions, Correct usage of adjectives-degrees of comparison, Correct usage of conjunctions, Correct usage of Nouns and Pronouns, Correct usage of numbers (Singular-Plural) and Word order with Correct usage of Adverbs, Use of simple idioms, Use of Common proverbs, Direct and Indirect Voice, Active and Passive Voice.


Similarities and Differences, Analysis, Space Visualisation, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Observation, Judgment, Figure Classification, Visual Memory, Number Series, Relationship Concepts, Non-Verbal Series, Arithmetical Computation, Analytical Functions, Numerical Series, Distance and Direction Sense Test, Mathematical Operations (Assigning Value to Arithmetic Sign), Number Ranking & Time Sequence Test, Assign Artificial Values to Mathematical DigitInserting Correct Mathematical Digit, Human Relation, Coding and Decoding, Odd One Out, Mutual Relation Problem, Dictionary Words, Analogy, Non Verbal Reasoning, Number Coding, Number Puzzle


Ratio and proportion, Average, LCM, HCF, Profit and LossTime, Distance and Speed, Percentage, Simplification of Numbers, Fraction, Area of Triangle, Square and Rectangle, Surface area and Volume of Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone and Sphere, Probability, Number Systems, Computation of Whole Numbers, Decimals and Fractions, Profit and Loss, Discount, Relation and Function, Fundamental arithmetical operations, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Averages, Interest, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Use of Tables and Graphs, Mensuration, Ratio and Time, Simple Trigonometry.


Physical world and measurement, Kinematics, Laws of motion, Work, energy and power, Motion of system of particles & rigid body, Gravitation, Mechanics of solids and fluids, Heat and thermodynamics, Oscillation, Waves, Electrostatic, Current electricity, Magnetic effect of current and magnetism, Electromagnetic induction and alternating current, Electromagnetic Waves, Optics, Dual nature of matter and radiation, Atomic nucleus, Solids and semiconductors devices, Principles of communication,

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