How to Clear SSB Interview in First Attempt?

SSB or Service Selection Board interview, is the must cross hurdle after qualifying NDA exam and as expected, it is a tough one to get through. Only a few candidates qualifies this stage so along with preparing for NDA, you need to brush yourself for this interview as well.

How to Clear SSB Interview in First Attempt?

Here in this piece, we will discuss all about this interview, about cracking this stage down in your first attempt but it’s imperative that you know all the 5 Days of procedure of this interview. So parallelly we will discuss about it as well.

Stage 1: Screening Test

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a) IQ Test – Verbal & Non Verbal

Tip 1 – Question won’t be that tough but it is recommended to brush up the basics. Grab competitive books and practice the verbal and nonverbal from the English section. If you are weak in the English Grammar basics, you must go through the CBSE books. English Grammar from Class 6 to 12 will be suffice to make you a pro in this section.

b) Picture Perception & Picture Description Test (PPDT)

Tip 2 – This IQ test demands a great presence of mind. As the name suggests, the candidate needs to write a story based on a picture shown. Any SSB course material available in the market will help.

For Air Force Only – Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT)

The PABT is divided into three major parts,

i) Written Assessment or Instrument Reading

ii) The Light Control Test (LCT) or Sensory Motor Apparatus

iii) Drum Test (DT) or Control of Velocity Test (CVT)

Tip 3 – This is a tricky part. You need to be relaxed, self-confident to qualify this stage. This is the only guru mantra.

Stage 2: Physiological Test

a) Thematic Apperception Test – TAT

Tip 4 – You need to develop great analyzing power to comprehend a given passage. Lack of concentration may keep you left out.

b) Self Description Test – SDT

Tip 5 – Analyse yourself, Know yourself so that you can express yourself. Use the age old technique and do practice in front of mirror.

c) Word Association Test – WAT

Tip 6 – Apart from studying rigorously for SSB, whenever and wherever possible, try to relate words and find synonyms for them. This is help you to learn put words together in a right order at a right time.

d) Situation Reaction Test – SRT

Tip 7 – At this stage, your mental alertness and decision making skills will be judged, which cannot be developed in a day or week. For this, it is recommended that you interact with people. Attend seminars or symposiums and do ask questions or answer others queries.

Day 3: Group Testing Officer’s tests

a) Group Discussion (GD)

b) Military Planning Exercises

c) Progressive Group Task

d) Group Obstacle Race or Snake Race

e) Individual Lecturette or Individual Obstacles Task (IOT)

f) Final Group Talk

Tip 8 – Great communication skills and ability to express your thoughts and ideas efficiently, thinking and planning like a military, you ability to cope in a team and your leadership qualities will help you to pass this test. Talk, interact and discuss on different topics, like current affairs, politics, Indian and International economy with your friends; and you should have the guts to come up and take responsibilities in every possible situation – all these traits will help you qualify this stage with ease.

Stage 4

a) Command Task

b) Final Group Task

Tip 9 – Just like stage 3, your ability to clear all commands provided, perform in a group tasks and teamwork capabilities will be evaluated but will be tough than the previous day. This is one sturdy stage which you have to cross.

Stage 5: Conference and Results Declaration

a) Closing Address

b) Conference

c) Result Declaration

This stage is just the result stage. At the conference, the candidate faces the SSB boards, answers some question which hardly takes 1-2 minutes and then the result is declared.

Some Must-Do’s to Pass SSB Interview

1) Know the interview format thoroughly. Be familiar with all the stages

2) Practice a lot from you coaching classes prep material or NDA preparation books.

3) Knowledge on Current Affairs is a must. Regularly follow magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan & Jagran Josh.

4) India, Indian Politics, History of India, India and its current affairs, Armed Forces in India – These are a must read topics for NDA & SSB Preparation. For these you can thoroughly study CBSE and NCERT Books from class 6-12, which is more than enough for history prep.

5) Also polish academic & technical knowledge. You already have learnt about scientific theories and equations in school. Just brush them up. It will help at almost every stage.

6) Don’t underestimate your town or city. Gather every possible knowledge about it, like – current affairs, historical significance, population, language, governmental organizations, notable personalities etc of your state/town.

7) Usually SSB interview is held at Allahabad in January, the time when the climate is too cold. Your hands might freeze out of the chill. So you need to be mentally prepared for this. Write fast in WAT, TAT, SRT can be a bit of challenge.

8) Don’t brag about yourself and don’t try to act smart. Be confident but don’t be overconfident. This can harm your profile. Be simple, honest, and be yourself.

9) Develop and cultivate your oratory skills. Be an influential speaker.  For personal interview, group discussion, group task, this skill will amazingly help you to get through.

10) Be physically fit. Maintain your body and regularly track your physique. Being physically fit is a MUST criteria to crack this interview but it aids in grooming your mental strength as well. For the tests like ‘Military Planning Exercises’, you need to know to plan, execute and lead with a strong mentality.

NOTE: As this is a Central Government Exam, the syllabus & curriculum are bound to be based on NCERT and CBSE books. It is advisable that you thoroughly revise these books to crack NDA exam and SSB interview. All the Best!!


Author – Payel Bhowmick

Author Bio – With a degree in Journalism, Mass Comm. and Human Rights, and with an experience of 5 years+ in the Online Media, Payel is a Content Analyst by Profession and Dreamer, Writer, and Blogger by choice. Currently a Content Marketing enthusiast as well and exploring all about the Education Industry with BYJU’s – The Learning App.

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